The modern way to manage your dog park and pet licensing program.

Barkpass helps you increase dog park registrations, manage pet license data,
and collect payments from customers through a modern interface.

Dog Park Management Software

Software built for our canine friends…and the people who manage their favorite parks.

Dog Park Registrations.
Barkpass makes it easy for dog owners to register for your dog park. Our software allows you to collect payments, manage waivers, and track registrations all in one place.
Expired Document Reminders.
Configure Barkpass to automatically send reminders to dog owners when their documents are about to expire. This helps you keep your dog park safe and compliant.
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Pet Licensing Software

License pets in your community without the hassle and provide tools to your animal control department to manage existing pets.

Everything's Online.
Collect pet information directly from your community members and process payments online.
Approval Flow.
Approve or request changes to an application with the click of a button.
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“Working with Barkpass this past year has been a great experience. The administration side of Barkpass met every expectation of process efficiency, detailed organization and personalized needs. Barkpass administrators are very easy to work with and quick to provide aid and assistance when needed.”

Melissa Stotz
Administrative Assistant, Waukee Parks and Recreation

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