Barkpass for Business

Private businesses and dog parks use Barkpass to streamline registrations, manage dog parks efficiently, and enhance customer experiences.

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Recurring Memberships for Sustained Engagement

Offer monthly and annual memberships through Barkpass. Recurring memberships provide a steady revenue stream and foster long-term customer relationships.

Recurring Memberships.
Offer monthly and annual memberships with different tiers through Barkpass.
Expiring Document Reminders.
Barkpass automatically notifies users when their documents are about to expire, ensuring that they can renew their memberships in a timely manner.
Restrict Problematic Pets.
Administrators can restrict problematic pets from entering the park, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Efficient Check-In Flow for Quick Access

Make entering your dog park a breeze with Barkpass’s intuitive check-in system.

Quick QR Code Check-In.
Customers can present a QR code for fast and easy check-in which administrators can scan to begin the check-in process.
Administrator-Led Check-Ins.
You make the ultimate call as to whether the customer is granted access to your dog park.

Your Branding, Extended

It's a breeze to make Barkpass your own and collect the data you need to make running your dog park a success.

Modern Forms

Smart forms collect pet and customer information. Customize them to fit your specific needs.

Custom Fields

Tailor your data collection with the flexibility to add custom fields and set mandatory requirements to enter your park.

Personalized Landing Pages

Create a welcoming experience with customizable landing page text, icons, and cover photos, reflecting your organization's identity.

Taking Care of the Hard Parts

Let Barkpass handle the messy stuff about running your dog park, from document validation to pet compliance and incident management.

Document Validation
Rigorous document validation process for certifications like rabies or distemper, ensuring every pet meets health and safety standards.
Pass Approval Flows
Implement pass approval flows for additional oversight, allowing for thorough review and authorization before pass issuance.
Waiver Integration
Include waivers in the registration process, ensuring legal compliance and informed consent from pet owners.
Pass Durations
Define recurring memberships or one-time passes in Barkpass. Customize the valid duration of a pass, from one day to unlimited.
Comprehensive Pet Data Source
Barkpass as a central source of truth for pet data, like name, microchip number, tag number, owner contact information, and more.
Case and Incident Management
Manage aggressive pet incidents and cases, including the ability to track warnings and restrict pets based on past events.

Pricing, Your Way

Barkpass allows you to create pricing levels based on pet alteration status, uploaded documents, and more.

Pricing Engine
Multiple Price Levels.
Assign different price levels to each pass, offering flexibility and customization for varied customer needs.
Dynamic Pricing Rules.
Set pricing rules based on fields like breed, pet alteration status, and pet type, allowing for tailored pricing strategies and compliance for dangerous breeds if your organization requires it.
Document-Based Pricing.
Adjust prices based on the presence of valid documents like proof of alteration.
Condition-based Discounts.
Offer special discounts for customers with additional or new pets, or senior citizen customers, encouraging broader community participation.
Coupons and Promotional Discounts.
Create and distribute coupons and discounts for promotional events to improve customer engagement.
Collect Donations.
Allow customers to donate to your organization during the registration process by defining donation levels.
Dog in a dog park

Before Barkpass, our dog park licensing website was not up to the level we needed. Now with Barkpass, we can provide great and easy levels of service to our pass holders, while keeping our administration side well organized and running smooth. Thank you Barkpass!

Melissa Stotz Administrative Assistant, Waukee Parks and Recreation

Payments and Security

Collect payments with an industry-leading payment platform.

Powered by Stripe
Barkpass uses Stripe to securely collect payments. When you sign up, you'll get your own Stripe dashboard with full access.
Safe and secure
All payment data is stored with Stripe, which employs a team of world-class security experts. No sensitive payment information is ever stored or inspected on Barkpass servers.
Modern payments
All major credit cards are supported, in addition to Apple Pay and Google Pay. This means customers can pay you quickly and efficiently.
Get paid quickly
Stripe handles payouts directly into your organization's bank account. You control how frequently payouts happen, and Barkpass never withholds any of your payments — they go directly to you.
Offline payments
Handle payments offline, over the phone, or in person, and track them in Barkpass.
Rich reporting
Get line-item-level reporting of all payments, including fees, refunds, and more.

Your Customers are your VIPs

Stay in touch with your customers and members with in-app messaging, approval flows, and more.

Screenshot of Barkpass messaging features
In-App Messaging.
Easily send notices to your citizens with a click of a button using in-app messaging features.
Approval Flow.
Request changes to applications or documents without leaving Barkpass.
Compatible with CRM Software.
Export data to customer relationship management (CRM) software to engage with your audience in more ways.

Powerful Integrations

Export customer and pet information to stay in touch with your customers and get back to running your dog park.

Automatic Tag Numbers

Barkpass will generate new tag numbers with each approved pet license so you don’t have to worry about keeping a separate list.

Interactive Reporting

Export the number of licenses purchased, gross revenue from your customers, and view pending applications from a user-friendly dashboard.

Access Control

Provide customer information to third-party access control systems that use key-fobs, passcodes, and more to control access to dog parks and facilities.

Stay in Sync

Use data exports from Barkpass and import them into your existing database to keep your data up to date.

Third-party services

Connect Barkpass to services like Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and more to streamline your operations.

Role-based Access Control

Support multiple team members with role-based access control, ensuring the right people have access to the right information.

Barkpass Pricing for Business

Pricing available for businesses of all sizes. Monthly and annual invoicing available. Get started by creating a free trial or scheduling a demo.

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