Dog Park Management

A digital dog park revolution.

You have a dog park to manage. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Your digital front office.

Barkpass provides a custom interface for your dog park to collect pet information and process payments.

Simple interface

Barkpass provides a simple, modern form to collect pet information from your customers quickly and error-free.

Your brand, front and center

Upload custom logos, icons and a cover photo to customize your Barkpass interface for your brand. Easily direct customers to your Barkpass site with a unique web address.

Your requirements, validated.

Barkpass ensures your customers are compliant by allowing you to define requirements for a dog park membership.

Flexible price levels

Define varying price levels based on criteria like residency or alteration status. Control the valid start and end dates for your pass.

Validate documents

Reduce user error by requiring specific document types for each pet, like rabies or distemper, in addition to an expiration date for each certification.
Screenshot of Price Conditions UI in Barkpass

Save time for your customers and staff.

With add-on passes, Barkpass allows your customers and staff to apply for multiple passes at the same time, ensuring all documents are provided together and paying with a single transaction.

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Memberships mean more friends.

Sell one-time passes, or create loyal dog park users with a membership program that will have your tail wagging. Add price levels as subscriptions that bill the customer on a monthly or annual basis.

Park pals for (one) day.

Offer visitors on-the-go a day pass from the convenience of their smartphone. Customers can check out in under a minute from the mobile-friendly flow.

Golden retriever in a dog park

In-App Messaging

Park closed for maintenance? No problem.

Easily send notices to your customers with a click of a button using in-app messaging features. Request changes to applications or documents without leaving Barkpass.

Screenshot of Barkpass messaging features

Collect payments with an industry-leading payment platform.

Powered by Stripe

Barkpass uses Stripe to securely collect payments. When you sign up, you'll get your own Stripe dashboard with full access.

Safe and secure

All payment data is stored with Stripe, which employs a team of world-class security experts. No sensitive payment information is ever stored or inspected on Barkpass servers.

Modern payments

All major credit cards are supported, in addition to Apple Pay and Google Pay. This means customers can pay you quickly and efficiently.

Get paid quickly

Stripe handles payouts directly into your organization's bank account. You control how frequently payouts happen, and Barkpass never withholds any of your payments — they go directly to you.


It's time to run your dog park.

Export pet and customer information to provide access to your park, stay in touch with your customers, and more.

Automatic tag numbers

Barkpass will generate new tag numbers when applications are approved so you don’t have to worry about keeping a separate list.

Interactive reporting

Export the number of permits purchased, gross revenue from your customers, and view pending applications from a user-friendly dashboard.

Helpful search

Look up any user, pet or application instantly with real-time, auto-complete search capabilities.

Protect your park

Use data exports from Barkpass and import them into your park's access control system, or send approved applicants a gate code to enter the park.

Connect with customers

Export a list of customer emails and import them into your CRM or email marketing system to stay in touch.

More coming soon!

More features are on the Barkpass roadmap, including a developer API and official integrations for access control.

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