Changelog #002

April 15, 2023

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As winter wraps up and spring begins, we've been busy adding long-requested features to Barkpass!

Check out what's new below:

Add-On Passes

Add-on passes are now available in Barkpass.

Buyer _ Add-On Passes.gif

Add-on passes are like bundles: they allow buyers to purchase multiple passes at the same time without multiple separate checkouts.

You can also assign add-on passes when processing applications in-person or over the phone:

Admin _ Add-On Passes.gif

They pair very nicely with Barkpass's Required Passes feature: when you require one pass in order to purchase another, you can allow a buyer to purchase both at the same time by assigning it as an Add-On Pass.

If you are a city that sells both a pet license and a dog park pass, add-on passes are the perfect feature for you. They'll save your buyers tons of time!

Learn more about add-on passes.


You can now check in pets when they visit your location. Using this brand new feature, your staff can search for a pet's name or user information and mark the pet as checked in.

Barkpass _ Check-Ins.gif

You can also mark a pet as checked out when they leave your location.

Check-ins are just one of several ways to control access to your dog park using Barkpass.

We're going to keep improving Check-Ins by adding reporting, exporting, and more. Stay tuned!

Learn more about check-ins.

New Dashboard

We've rolled out a new dashboard to logged in administrators:

admin.barkpass.test_ (3).png

The new dashboard allows you to see information about all active passes at the same time without having to switch between them.

It also displays helpful statistics like total revenue, users, pets and more.

Please give us feedback on how we can make the dashboard more useful to you: [email protected].

Automatically deactivate expired registrations

You can now automatically deactivate pet registrations for passes where their certifications and documents have been expired for a certain amount of days.

Learn more about automatically deactivating expired registrations.